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F I C H  A N D  R A M O U S

A F F O R D A B L E   L U X U R Y

The salon in Cowbridge was established in 2001, beginning life within a popular Day Spa and Beauty salon.

Two years later the Day Spa expanded and created larger premises for our Salon, enabling us to expand still further. The Salon has always been a very busy and bustling place and a hive of creative activity, and continues to grow daily! We are always looking ahead and moving forward, not only keeping abreast of fashion and trends but setting them!



Why the name Fich + Ramous?


The name came about from the founder, Lance’s love of playing with words - spoonerisms.


Being ‘Rich and Famous’ was mentioned in conversation one evening (over a glass of wine!) which Lance automatically changed to ‘Fich + Ramous’.

It was a kind of ‘eureka’ moment as we both realised its potential as a new name for our recently launched Salon. It certainly beats the many variations of Cutz or Curlz that adorn our high streets! And the rest as they history!

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